If you missed my last blog please scroll around to read it first as this is a two-parter blog!

If you already read part one of the blog I’m so happy you’re back investing in your artistic self! So let me paint you a picture.. you’re in this rut. You want to create but nothing’s coming to mind. Here are my go to’s that I hope will help you!

What I first start with is what’s going on in my lil world that could be clouding my inspiration, motivation, or creativity? Is my pup acting strange & now I’ve made up 14 different ailments he has, is my bank account crazy low, is someone I love not doing well, is there a new episode of Mob Wives that’s leaked onto YouTube (guilty) etc…

I ask myself when was the last time I journaled or did a free write? THIS is key for me to have creative fluidity. So, if you haven’t just written down pen to paper about what’s in your subconscious do that NOW! Oh let me back up! What’s a free write? In college they had us do these morning & night. You sit with your journal & with no particular intention just start to write. Even if all you have is, “so today my dog has been walking funny I’m pretty sure it’s going to have to be amputated” (Yup, crazy dog lady) or something less dramatic like “I’m writing today because Tiffany Jane said it will help my writers block”. Sometimes, most of the time, it turns into many more words than you knew were sitting around in that creative (even if stagnant) brain. Sometimes you may even come up with something magical that sounds like a lyric, song title, concept for a song. But at the very least you’ve cleared your brain of what’s clogging up the creativity flow… and many times just reintroduced yourself to the artistic artist you truly are.

Okay this may make you scoff, laugh, or roll your eyes. I will take them all, but i promise you this is a big component for me. What am I wearing? Am I comfy? Do I feel like my exterior exudes the creative spirit I am intrinsically? For me that usually means a broken in pair of leggings, oversized shirt/sweater, & barefoot. I think this mostly has a memory sense attached to it. An idea of instead of I have my big girl pants on, I have my writing frocks on!

Alright, what are your surroundings? Are you surrounded bye phones ringing, youtube videos playing (guilty), clutter, babies screaming, sitting in a rod iron chair with no cushion? (I’m currently in that uncomfy situation…) For me I require my phone to be put away, music that inspires me playing oh so lightly in the background, sat at my beloved desk passed down from my grandparents dressed in cards from loved ones, a delicious candle, & either a big ole mug of hot tea, or a goblet of wine…hey or both, whatever it takes!

//my last til tip for today:
I’ve already written a mini novel, if you’ve stuck with me thus far you deserve a medal. I will post more tips at a later date.
BUT any who…

My last lil tip for today there’ NOTHING wrong with getting inspiration from those we respect. I will take a lyric, a line from a poem or novel write it out on the top of my page & create a new story from there. for instance
“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”

Maya Angelou (one of my personal favs) my continuation: Through the encompassing lasso of loves firm grip, it appears as though little to nothing could release love’s hold.
Though time can be healing it can be a disguise bringing shades & shadows over that which was light just moments ago.
Or sometimes in a beautiful world time can seal those bonds as a welder joins two parts together for eternity under high heat & complex nature.- Tiffany Jane

Then all you do is simply remove the inspired pre-written line & have the beginning of a whole new poem/song/concept all for yourself!

BOOM done! Look at you writing & stuff!?

So for today/tonight, whenever you’re reading this, I believe I have rambled on enough.
I have oh so many more thoughts, ideas, & tips I’d love to pass along but that’ll be another blog.

Thank you so much for coming on this journey with me & investing in my first ever blog. I’m elated to start this chapter & truly hope you enjoyed yourself, learned something, or even just chuckled a time or two.

Now, artist go be artistic & if you can try these lil “go to’s” & PLEASE let me know how they worked for you! Its with a full heart I say goodnight Friendships,

Tiffany Jane

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