when you’re an artist feeling not so artistic

Hi Friendships!

So don’t let this not so positive headline scare you away. I will say it WILL be a honest, not fully glamorous, nitty – gritty (that’s a saying right?), but not fully downer two part post. I promise.

So artistic spirits’. Please tell me if you’ve ever been here. I need to create today, I want to create today, I should create today, BUT I can’t create today, or this week, or heck even sometimes this MONTH(s). Well, let me tell you this, you are NOT the only one! I myself have been there on many different occasions, more times that I’d like to admit. BUT what I’m here to say is;
ONE. it WILL pass.
TWO. Welcome to being a human.
THREE. I have some little hidden treasures that tend to help me that could possibly help you.

But FIRST, I’m not done talking about the cruddy grime of being an artist, feeling NOT so artistic.
I myself am a singer, song-writer, band leader, vocal coach, self manager/promoter/booker etc; when I sit down at the piano to create a song I know the fans/friends are patiently waiting for & either nothing comes to mind or anything that does isn’t Worthy of bringing to the ever incredible local music supporters I have the honor of having. it has a greater effect on me than I think they/you would know. There are feelings of guilt, pressure, disappointment, & a whole lot of DUDE; you’re a writer, just WRITE; you’re a singer just sing; you’re a coach, you coach people on defeating the horrid monster that is writers block; Get it together this is what you do. just do it!!!! Then I walk around a bit, pep talk myself (thank god there’s no video of this or is there!? If so, Burn it forever) & sit down again going alright I got this.
But then,alas, nada.

I think the want to create for my band & fans outweighs the emotional downpour of my own personal expectation which is already oh so prevalent. There’s truly very little that sends me into a pool of complete bummer feeling, defeat, & all around funk like not being able to write. I not only want it for myself in order to do what I feel called to// tell my story// express my soul// live into my purpose. But I want it for those who support me. Who come out to the shows, buy the merch, watch the videos, know the songs by heart
(i love you) I want it for my students so they see what I encourage them to implement supplies results. That I’m not just a talker I’m a walker! (any walking dead friends just picture me zombied out reaching out from the screen at ya? Or just me?) I want this for my remarkable Pampa when he asks me at every meet UP Have you been writing? I can reassure him, I sure am Pampa, I sure am!

Unfortunately, these feelings don’t tend to help a thing but just squash any fragments of inspiration hiding around in my brain. But I’m human, I have short comings, moments of lack of control, & insecurities.

SO if you’ve felt this I hope you’ve shouted out a couple OF yes’s, amen’s, & rights!?!? If you haven’t felt these things as an artist I want to meet you & shake hands. HOPES that your magic dust rubs off on me & although I’m peanut butter & jelly of you… I COMMEND you & celebrate your SUPER HERO glory! BUT, if you HAVE felt such feelings, I have some “go to’s” that turn the defeat around when I’m in a dry spell. They may seem simple or you think there’s no way that would help me. But I urge you to just try. I mean what would be the worst thing that could happen? That will be part TWO of this blog. So please keep an eye out (why is the saying an eye out rather than keep your eyes out? All I can picture is scrolling through the web looking like a pirate with one eye closed) for my go to’s that have absolutely pulled me out of my artistic drought! But for now, sweet, gentle, creative being it is all good. You’re not alone & I’m excited to share ideas that could get you back on track!

Thank you so much for coming on this journey with me & investing in my first ever blog. I’m elated to start this chapter & truly hope you enjoyed yourself, learned something, or even just chuckled a time or two.

It’s with a full heart I say goodnight Friendships,
Tiffany Jane

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